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Insurance planning las vegasLife is full of surprises! Are you and your loved ones fully prepared for the unexpected? Even with the best of plans, we don’t have complete control over our own health, Mother Nature, or the potentially harmful actions of other people. Accident, illness, lawsuit, and even premature death are seldom expected when they strike. When they do, they can dramatically impair our ability to provide the kind of life we want for ourselves and those who depend on us. Therefore, we must follow Zig Ziglar’s counsel: “Expect the best. Prepare for the worst.” For big risks that cannot be completely avoided, insurance is often the most practical solution. However, insurance costs can be substantial, so we recommend only insuring that which is absolutely necessary. We can help you assess which types of insurance are the most critical for your situation, and how much of each type you really need to protect the things that matter most. We can also teach you the “tricks of the trade” so you can maximize your coverage while lowering costs. If you have accumulated significant wealth, the right kind of insurance can play a slightly different role. It can help your heirs pay estate taxes when you pass away, without having to sell valuable real estate or business interests they would like to retain. If you own a successful business that one of your children plans to take over someday, insurance can help provide an equal inheritance to your other children without placing undue pressure on the financial health of the business when the time comes.

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Investment Management

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Retirement Planning

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