Expect the Best & Prepare for the Worst

Life is full of surprises! Some are pleasant, and others we really would rather live without. Even with the best of plans, we don’t have complete control over our own health, Mother Nature, or the potentially harmful actions of other people.

Are you and your loved ones fully prepared for the unexpected? Accident, illness, lawsuit, and even premature death are seldom expected when they strike. When they do, they can dramatically impair our ability to provide the kind of life we want for ourselves and those who depend on us. Therefore, I echo Zig Ziglar’s motto: “Expect the best. Prepare for the worst.”

Most of us skate through life without too many major catastrophes throwing us off track, so we tend to believe that none of the bad things that happen to other people will ever happen to us. Hopefully they never will. The question is if they do happen to us, what will be the impact, and how will we deal with it?

If we are serious about maintaining financial security throughout our entire lives, we cannot just hope that nothing bad will ever occur. We must have a solid plan for how we would deal with any major catastrophe.

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