How much does the first meeting cost?
Your first meeting will be a free discovery session to determine whether our services are a good fit for your needs. By the end of this meeting, you will know whether it makes sense for us to work together and how much it will cost to employ our services, based on your situation. If your needs fall outside our scope of practice, we will be happy to introduce you to other experts who might better fit your needs.
How are you paid?
We never charge anything for the initial consultation to determine whether it makes sense to work together. After that, there may be a one-time charge for your investment analysis, retirement planning, or whatever type of analysis would be most helpful for you, depending on your situation.

If you would like us to manage any of your investments, we will be paid a small percentage of the amount we manage. This percentage depends on the type of investment and the size of your portfolio. All costs will be fully disclosed before you invest, and can be paid directly from your investment accounts.

We do not receive any kickbacks from other companies or commissions for investments that we recommend. We are only paid by our clients for investment management and planning services we provide.

If you have a need for life insurance or disability insurance that you would like us to fill for you, we will be paid directly by the insurance companies providing these benefits.

What if I’m already working with another financial advisor?
Most of the people we help have already worked with another financial advisor at some point. If you are happy with your current advisor but also like something you heard or read from us, you are welcome to explore how we might be able to add to the good things you are already doing, without ending the relationship with your other advisor.

If you are unhappy with your current advisor or uncertain whether he or she has your best interest at heart, we can help you determine the cause and evaluate whether we can improve your experience. Keep in mind that our educational, interactive approach is very different from most advisors, so your experience with us is likely to be unlike any you have ever experienced before.

What if I don’t live in Nevada? Can you still help me?
Although our firm is based in Henderson, Nevada, we help people all over the United States. Face-to-face meetings are always best whenever possible, but online meetings and phone calls are also very effective.
Can you speak to our group?
We frequently do group presentations for a variety of businesses, medical service providers, associations, conferences, religious groups, school classrooms, and even large family gatherings. We would be happy to see whether we can accommodate your group. Simply contact our office at 702.433.7588.

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